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HVB Robotics Fund Risk Control 9 Index


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The HVB Robotics Fund Risk Control 9 Index aims to track the performance of an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) called Reference Fund, with daily liquidity and with a proven track record, seizing opportunities across the sectors Robotics and Automation (e.g. robotics, driverless cars, 3 D printing or artificial intelligence) – minus a synthetic dividend of 1.75% p. a. A synthetic dividend is a deduction, which finances the earning mechanism and is not distributed to the investor. The Reference Fund is to be the iShares Automation + Robotics UCITS ETF (ISIN: IE00BYZK4552) an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). The Index has a built in volatility control mechanism. Should the realized volatility of the Reference Fund over preceding 20-day reference period exceed the volatility target of 9% (the “Target Volatility”), then the exposure of the Index to the Reference Fund will be reduced, with the aim of maintaining the realized volatility of the Index at or below the Target Volatility. If the realized volatility of the Reference Fund is below the Target Volatility and the exposure of the Index to the Reference Fund is below 100%, then the exposure of the Index to the Reference Fund will be increased in order to maintain the realized volatility of the Index at or below the Target Volatility. The maximum exposure of the Index to the Reference Fund is 100%. The Index starts on the Index Start Date (02 May 2017) with an initial level of 100 index points. The Index is an “excess return” index. As a consequence, the level of the Index reflects the performance of the strategy of the Index above an USD (US-Dollar) short term rate.
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